Version 1.4.0

Meteor Shower Guide version 1.4.0 has been submitted for review and will be available for update in the next week.  This version supports the iPhone 5 screen size.  But, because of this update the minimum version of iOS  required has changed to 4.3.

This means older devices like iPhone 3 and iPod 2nd generation can no longer run the latest update. Do not update your app if you use the early devices.

This minimum iOS requirement is from being compiled with Xcode 4.5, an Apple requirement for iPhone 5 support. If there is enough interest I could investigate creating a new app specifically for the older hardware.

The complete change list for version 1.4.0 is noted below:

  1. Support for iPhone 5 larger screen. Catalog list and shower detail page layout updated.
  2. Updated shower detail page to fix peak time being truncated due to GMT offset value, verses shorter three letter time zone code.
  3. Improved calendar alarm detail, added note for peak day, time and location so this is immediately available in the calendar entry.
  4. Meteor shower database update: Orionids solar longitude value changed from 208.0 listed by IMO to 208.4 based on past two years observer data compiled by IMO.
  5. Minor updates to fonts and layout.