New Version In Review

Meteor Shower Guide version 1.3.0 has been submitted to the app store for approval and is waiting for review. Whats changed in this version:

  • New: added the moon rise and set times to the shower detail page.
  • New: a new tab for the current days sun and moon times.
  • Updated: improved the location page to allow direct entry of latitude and longitude values.
  • Updated: added a button under the catalog year wheel so one can easily return to the current year.

The website will be updated with new screen shots and information over the next few days. I added the current days sun and moon times since I always have the app with me and often want a quick report of the days events. There are a number of other apps that provide that information, I’ve tried a few of them and some are very nicely presented. Meteor Shower Guide is not trying to compete with those, it just made sense to incorporate it with the recent rewrite of the calculation code.

Update February 22: new version released.


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