Minor Update 1.2.2

Version 1.2.2 has been submitted to Apple for review.  Should be available for download within the next week. This minor update includes the following changes:

  1. Updated several meteor showers in the app database to use the IMO Solar Longitude value. A few entries differed slightly without supporting documentation as to why that should be the case (in particular the Quadrantids!).
  2. Shortened App display name, using MeteorGuide instead of MeteorShower. The name is being truncated on Retina displays.
  3. Fixed end of year scrolling behavior when app starts. When a meteor shower was not found after the current date it was not scrolling to end of list like it should.
  4. Added a possible fix for the iOS 5.0 and greater Calendar entry problem and report any error if event is not saved.

For some unknown reason the Calendar does not update with an event under iOS 5. This problem does not show up in testing or operation for me and nobody has ever properly reported the problem so I was unaware of it until December.

The internal database update changes a few meteor shower timings, in particular the Quadrantids. Version prior to this one had a value of 283.4 which results in a time about six hours later than using the IMO value of 283.16.  Of all the significant meteor showers the Quadrantids have the narrowest shower peak and six hours was a significant error. Oddly the shower this year (excellent by the way) had a slightly later and broader peak so it fell between the IMO prediction and my errant prediction.


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